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    Paul Brand - Singer, Songwriter & Performer

    Paul Brand is an Edinburgh based singer songwriter and guitarist
    who has been hooked with a song writing habit since he was a teenager.

    "12 Songs" Album

    The latest “12 Songs” album release showcases songs that Paul has written
    over a twenty year period between 1992 and 2012.

    "12 Songs" Recordings

    The “12 Songs” recordings began in 2013 at the Kettle Zone, Midlothian.
    The album contains contributions from fifteen musicians in total and
    was finished in 2017 at the Slate Room Recording Studio, East Lothian.

    For further information on the Slate Room Recording Studio
    CLICK HERE to visit the website


    Paul has performed singing and playing guitar for over thirty years
    with numerous bands and musicians gaining valuable experience
    in live performance and studio session recording.
    Bands have included: One Man Brand, Mister Sledge, The Cherry Pickers,
    Cranachan,The Calum Marwick Ceilidh Band, Mr Pitiful, The Sundogs,
    Raw Deal, Texas Breakfast, Scarlet Fever, Fools Gold and Kab.

    Christmas Song

    Paul Brand released his Christmas song “What Do You Want For Christmas”
    in 2014 under the band name Mister Sledge.The Christmas song
    is available on all the major digital platforms including iTunes,
    Spotify and Amazon Music.

    CLICK HERE to get the track on iTunes

    Musical Influences

    Paul draws from many musical influences when writing his songs
    and from various styles that include county, rock, soul and blues.
    From an early age Paul heard Johnny Cash being played in his Dad’s car,
    Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Elvis, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Sam Cooke,
    Van Morison, CCR and The Eagles all coming from his brother’s bedroom.
    Paul was also raised on classic rock including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin,
    Deep Purple, Queen and AC/DC.
    This all added to Paul’s extensive musical grounding.

    Musical Achievements so far

    The 2017 release of the Paul Brand “12 Songs” album.

    The 2014 release of the Mister Sledge Christmas song
    “What Do You Want For Christmas”.

    Joint winner of a song writing competition prize to support
    former Beatles drummer Pete Best at the St Brides Centre, Edinburgh.

    Shooting promotional videos with The Sundogs at BTM Studios in Bedford.

    Television and radio airplay with the band Raw Deal.

    Recording six commercial studio demos
    with various musicians over a ten year period.

    Contracted to work at a Bahrain Hotel performing solo.

    Performing in Nashville, San Francisco and New York.
    Gigging in Germany, France and Norway.